Promoting the use and trade of steel in Australia & New Zealand 

Your Independent Voice In Steel



The ASA believes fair trade and an open competitive market will deliver a more efficient and market responsive industry.



By becoming a member of the ASA you provide insight and networking opportunities with which to grow your business.


Australia's steel industry is made up of more than just steel producers.  In fact the vast proportion of those employed in the steel industry are downstream and include Fabricators, Construction Companies and those in the Agriculture and Mining sectors.


The Australian Steel Association is the independent voice for competition.

The Australian Steel Association's primary objective is to ensure a competitive market environment in Australia for manufacturing users and converters of steel product.

The ASA engages with regulators such as steel standards and government policy to ensure an even playing field for all Australian industry participants.  

Australian Steel Association membership provides you with industry events and updates on government policy, steel standards, import data and anti-dumping cases that affect the industry.

As such the ASA is an advocate for Australia’s steel industry sector from steel intensive manufacturers, fabricators, roll-formers, roof fixers, traders, transport and shipping companies and trade credit insurance providers.