Rebuilding The World Economy: What Will Change And What Will Continue?

Date:        Friday 3rd July
Time:        11am - 11:45am (AEST)
Location:  Dial in via Zoom. Link provided upon registration

Australia is readying to re-open many parts of the economy, but there is cause to tread warily as a variety of factors will determine how both the domestic and international economies fare in coming years.
The world was already starting to show signs of a retreat in globalisation before the pandemic and the impact of COVID-19 is only going to exacerbate that trend. While physical goods exports continue mostly unaffected, the export of services is being harder hit. The need to keep our borders closed until the virus is under control outside Australia is also adding another layer of complexity. A clear change in risk profiles and savings/investment decisions is also expected based on trends seen following the GFC.
In this webinar, Philip Brown, Senior Fixed Income Strategist, International Banking and Markets at Commonwealth Bank, will share his insights with ASA Members on which parts of the economy are particularly exposed in the coming year and beyond, as well as trying to identify the parts of the economy that will be more resilient.
Key issues to be explored include:

  • Understanding the ‘new normal’. Why not every part of life can, or will, go back to normal

  • Exploring challenges likely to emerge in the later stages of re-opening

  • What a sustained global economic downturn means for international and local markets, with a particular focus on the construction sector 

  • Construction sector outlook – CBA's view on the path ahead

  • Changing the way we operate – from legal and border-related issues to changes in the psychology affecting consumption and investment choices

This event is free for ASA Members. All staff from member companies are welcome to attend.


Philip Brown
Senior Fixed Income Strategist, International Banking and Markets
Commonwealth Bank

Philip's daily role involves researching the developments in interest rate markets.

To do this he analyses global trends in economic and financial markets. He has

worked for CBA for more than 10 years, having previously held similar roles at

Citigroup and Deutsche Bank. He has also spent time working for the Public Service

in Canberra.


WEBINAR | 14 MAY 2020  

Steel Market Update: Insights, Analysis and The Road Ahead

The impact of COVID-19 has dominated the Australian steel industry and our big question is where to from here? What is next for both the domestic and international markets and how will COVID-19 affect your business for 2020?
This webinar, held on 14th May, provided ASA members and guests with detailed insight into the big issues  shaping market conditions and a look forward to the likely trends, challenges, and forecasts emerging for the rest of the year.  
Paul Bartholomew, Senior Managing Editor, Market Insight, Platts Steel Business Briefing (SBB), shared the latest research and views on issue including:

  • Uncertainty around cash flow and credit among end-users and distributors

  • Shocks to the supply chain and shifts in production and demand

  • Expectations for steel and iron ore prices and demand in Q3

  • International market insights – including the likelihood of China’s steel production rebounding in the second half of 2020


Paul Bartholomew
Senior Managing Editor, Market Insight
Platts Steel Business Briefing (SBB)

Paul is an industry expert with his finger on the pulse.

He is responsible for leading Platts' team of Asia-based

analysts covering the steel and materials markets.

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This marked our first event for the year, and want a fantastic night it was. 

ASA Melbourne Cup Calcutta – River Room, Crown Casino – Friday 1st November 2019


What a great day we had for Friday’s Australian Steel Association Melbourne Cup Calcutta. Plenty of opportunities to network and great presentation from across the industry with distributors, traders, service providers, shipping agents and insurance providers all coming together for one big social event.

Of course there was a great entertainment from comedian Dave Thornton. 

We would like to thank our key sponsor Swire Shipping and also to Ligentia. Thank you one and all for your support on the day!

ASA Sydney Golf Day - Concord Golf Club - Thursday 22nd August 2019

ASA Dinner - Sydney - Thursday 25th July 2019

ASA AGM - Auburn Hotel, Melbourne - Thursday 2nd May 2019

ASA Melbourne Cup Calcutta – River Room, Crown Casino – Friday 2nd November 2018

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